Monday, 21 March 2011

i like this but i love that

milky sweet tea
art museums
truth coffee shop
rooftop pools
vanity fair articles
public holidays
pink socks
countdowns to America (24)
beach towels
laundry detergent
body butter
my baking queen roommate 
singing in the car 
my american boy 

when i grow up i want to be like her (and her)

french actress, marion cotillard, so gorgeous she doesn’t seem like she is from this universe. the quintessential sultry, dark brown eyed gorgeous thing whose accent is enough to make you want to move to france, just so you can have one

mary ellen mark photography

the plight of american society. teenage pregnancy. obesity. children being influenced by society. poverty. secret identities. all captured so beautifully in black and white. you go mary ellen mark

looks good to me

i love clogs. they are the new thing. one of those items you wear and those who aren't in the know go, hmmmm those are old school. but those who know and boy should you know... they are cool as. i love me some brown clogs. chilled denim shirt and loose slouch bag. don't ever forget your sunnies and simple accessories. voila 

green with envy for st. pattys day

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

i heart living in cape town

sidewalk cafe
clifton second
joy ride in my new car

coffee shop. blog spot 
bovril and cheese on crackerbread

i like this but i love that

a blank canvas
clifton second beach
the smell of new tennis balls
the cricket world cup
bobs deck day drinking
scoring a goal
free internet
sex and the city
finding a cool new band
making all the green lights
the smell of rain
smiling at a hot boy
smooth shaven legs

when i grow up i want to be like her

kate bosworth. the epitome of a precious fragile doll. so gorgeous and cute. super stylish and at her trendiest when she is in chilled day to day clothes. she makes it look so painfully easy. she crushes it. blue crushes it.