Tuesday, 1 March 2011

lick my legs

Tee-shirt designer Matthieu Lapierre is an inquisitive little Frenchman. He has quite a lot of questions he'd like answered through his label's artistic endeavours, such as "Is it possible to look cool without wearing a Ramones tee-shirt?" and "Is it possible to succeed in fashion when you don’t like Kate Moss?" and, most pertinently, "Is pubic hair the ultimate taboo?"
It looks like Lapierre is solving these queries one screen-printed item at a time. His spring/summer 2011 collection has no irrelevant band iconography, no cocaine-addled British models, and, if you squint extra hard whilst looking at some of the editorial shots, you can just see a hint of peach fuzz. 

You'll also source out some daytime silk pieces due to LML branching out into dresses, tops and scarves. If these don't take your fancy, we're sure that a pair of blue, sequined, Boogie Nights-esque undies will. There's also a lot of hair whipping from the cute-as-a-button model. This is apparently inspired by France's Foreign Affairs Minister, who is clearly more exciting/sexually liberated than K. Rudd.

Ongoing staples include the label's first seedy screen-print of some random with a ball-gag in their mouth. It just begs you to bring out the gimp, and is fairly indicative of the label's S&M tendencies.

(found this article and pictures at lifelounge) not my own writing or photography.  he is like banksy but on t-shirts

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